Sunday, September 15, 2013


A public charity organization created by Rihanna in 2006, the charity is dedicated to assisting terminally ill and disadvantaged children worldwide. Its mission is to assist and inspire children who suffer from life-threatening diseases including cancer, leukemia and AIDS, and help provide supplies for children in poorly funded public schools, as well as clothing for children in homeless shelters.The vision of Believe is to achieve what Rihanna has always strived for in her remarkable music career “to inspire with hope, courage and love.”


Raise aware ness of the impact of blood cancers such as leukemia

Aid de 10,000 people in need of a bone marrow trasplant each year

Help the 70% of patients who rely on strangers for a 2nd  chance

Rihanna said one of his reasons for starting the Foundation saying, "When I was young and I liked watch television and saw all the children suffering, I always said: when I grow up, I want to help''

Web site: (Official)

By: Imelda Gabriela Navarro Valencia

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